Facility Audits Enable ISO 14000 Certification

EnviroSolutions has performed environmental compliance baseline audits for automotive suppliers and manufacturers throughout the Midwest and southern United States. Prior to becoming ISO 14000 certified, corporations must have an environmental management system installed that meets ISO 14000 standards.

Prior to scheduling ISO 14000 certification audits, corporations retained EnviroSolutions to perform baseline audits for plastic injection molding plants, research and development facilities, chrome plating plants, automobile manufacturing plants, fiberglass manufacturing facilities, glass manufacturing facilities, and paint coating facilities. These audits enabled facilities to establish baselines of their current environmental management systems. Audits focus on environmental practices involving solid and hazardous waste, water quality, air quality, environmental protection and community right to know (EPCRA), PCB Management, Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), storage tanks, spill prevention and hazardous materials transportation. Once baselines were established, EnviroSolutions drafted plans to implement policies and procedures necessary to meet ISO 14000 standards and applicable environmental regulations where necessary.

In all instances, companies were able to minimize environmental liability while cost effectively implementing an environmental management system designed specifically for their circumstances.

EnviroSolutions can prepare your facility for an ISO 14000 certification audit.

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