Pilot System Reduces Product Plume Mass Over 80%

A long-term pipeline release at a bulk fuel terminal resulted in a contaminated groundwater plume extending at least one-quarter mile from the terminal. The release was originally addressed with a typical groundwater pump and treat system. The client contacted EnviroSolutions and requested a more innovative and effective approach to site cleanup. Careful evaluation of the site conditions and existing system operational parameters indicated that alternative technologies could be vastly more effective at addressing the quarter mile plume.

Bulk Fuel Terminal

EnviroSolutions designed a sparge and vent system and implemented a pilot study of this technology at the terminal. The pilot study system was installed and operated along a 100 yard length of the original source area.

Effectiveness of the pilot study system was continuously evaluated. During the study term of two years, the equivalent of thousands of gallons of product was recovered and the plume mass was reduced by 83%.

The pilot study was accomplished under existing exemptions from air permitting rules thus reducing time and cost constraints associated with permit application and compliance.

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